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Words of resistance and persistence for #writers #artists + #creativepreneurs
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In just a few short years,

I went from struggling to pay my

student loans,

to creating a business valued at more than

a million dollars.

I’ve written and released more than fifty titles under two pen names, made the USA Today bestsellers list, earned the #1 Amazon bestseller flag multiple times, and founded, organized and hosted international book conventions.

AAll while traveling the world and working with a laptop (or a kid!) in my lap.

Welcome to #TheCreativeLifeClub work style.

I’ve accomplished every dream I’ve dared to dream, and I want you to too.

The Resources:

  • coming soon from The Creative Life Club:
  • Character Sheets PDF: 10 Qs to Ask Your Character
  • Foods that Inspire and Foods that Suffocate Creativity
    • bonus: 5 foods for writing sprints
    • bonus: fasting for inspiration – hack your flow
  • 5 Books that Inspired my Creativity
  • Self-Authoring: Unpack the Habits Controlling Your Life
  • Top 5 Daily Habits to Change Your Life
  • 5 Ways to Hack into the Flow state
  • Making Chaos Helpful = Tips to Unlock Writer’s Block
  • 4 Hour Work Day: Are you ready to change your life?
  • Lean Into Your Brand: discovering what makes you you
  • Building Buzz for Your New Release
  • Top 10 New Release Essentials List
  • Grow your Followers (Organically!)
  • Build Your A-Team for a Successful Business
  • Podcasting Resource List
  • Setting Up a Home Recording Studio on a Budget
  • DIY Audiobook Recording Programs
  • Networking 101 for Introverts
  • Calling all Introverts: Leave a Stellar First Impression with these 5 tips
  • Event Planning Essentials (Big or Small)
  • Buzz Words for Captions that Go Viral
  • The 10-Minute Fix ebook
  • Self-Publishing for Dummies ebook 
  • …and the complete Creative Mastermind PDF resource guidebook!

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