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A Deliciously Long and Dirty Light in Mourning Teaser

I’ve been slacking BIG TIME on the teasers this go ’round. So I’m making it up to you. I’ve got a long one. Long and dirty and a little painful, just the way I know you all like it 🙂

~ ~ ~

One evening I was at the store picking up more beer and dog food when I ran into Briana, or was it Kelsey? Fuck if I remembered. I could hardly keep them straight when I’d screwed them this summer. I tossed a jar of peanut butter into my cart when a hand slid around my waist and a husky voice whispered in my ear. I’d be lying if I said my dick didn’t twitch to life—purely reactionary—because the second thing my brain registered was that this girl was trouble wrapped up in psycho.
“Didn’t know you were back in town. Why didn’t you call me?” she breathed as her hand trailed down to my ass and gave a squeeze. I rolled my eyes before I turned and plastered a smile on my face.
“Hey, what’s up?” I took her in. Briana I think it was. Tight jeans, heels, bright red sweater that covered her sizable tits up but still managed to be indecent.
“You been here long?” she murmured in my ear as her hand smoothed down the front of my jeans and brushed against my cock. For a split second I thought about taking her home. My body and mind raged, I wanted to fuck Georgia out of my system. Sink balls deep into this girl and fuck away the pain. But the thought of being with anyone other than Georgia had my stomach twisting painfully.
“Few weeks,” I said before removing her hand from my junk.
“Let’s get together. You still have my number, right?” She caressed my arm suggestively.
“Yeah, I got it.” That was a lie. I’d cleared all numbers out of my phone that weren’t Georgia one night on the boat when I was drunk and bitter. “I’ll call you.” I turned back to the cart, trying to blow her off.
“Are you busy tonight? I have plans but I could be persuaded into canceling them.” She brushed her tits against my arm. My dick was still stirring to life. He was all in. My fucking head wasn’t though. I was getting pissed. I was so sick of girls that refused to take a hint.
“Got things to do, sorry.” I pushed the cart down the aisle and headed for the liquor. I think tonight was going to be a scotch kind of night.
“Maybe tomorrow then?” She trailed after me.
“Maybe, I’ll call you.” I continued to walk.
“Okay, Tristan. Good to see you.” She cupped my ass and her fingers wrapped around to my balls from behind. I sucked in a quick breath as all the blood rushed to my dick. My heard refused to think straight.
I ground my teeth together.
All I wanted was Georgia.
Could I fuck someone else? Did I want to? I’d tried that all summer and it hadn’t worked for shit. Except now Georgia wasn’t here to pull me back in. I wouldn’t have to wake up the next morning, the smell of sweaty sex on me from some other chick, and look into her pained eyes. My dick pounded in my jeans as I scrubbed my palm over my face.
“See you later,” I grumbled before pushing the cart with a little more force than necessary. I bee-lined for the scotch, grabbed the most expensive bottle they had, and then hit the check out lane.
Close fucking call. It was a good thing I didn’t have the girl’s number because it was possible I’d be tempted to cave some night when I was drunk and angry as fuck at Georgia. Thankfully, at this moment, I’d had the foresight to see that I’d only wake up with a sick sense of regret in the morning. I headed back out to my truck and prayed that I wouldn’t run into her again.

~ ~ ~

Unedited and subject to change.

Copyright 2013 by Adriane Leigh

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