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2,000 Likes Giveaway featuring Naughty Mafia Swag!

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The Sequel to The Mourning After

I know summer has been busy–it’s been crazy for me too–but amongst the crazy I’ve been plugging away at the sequel to The Mourning After, titled Light in Mourning. (Outing myself as an English major here, but the title Light in Mourning is inspired by the William Faulkner novel Light in August.)

So the cover to Light in Mourning should be coming along VERY soon.

As in this month.

It’ll be designed by the rockstar cover designer Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations. Since Light in Mourning (how many times can I say that in this post?!) is from both Georgia and Tristan’s POV, I think it’s only fitting they both be on the cover, right?! It’ll be a tough task finding a model with a chiseled jaw, sculpted lips, golden hair and the deepest shade of green eyes you’ve ever seen, but I’m totally up for the job!

Keep an eye out here in the coming weeks to see if I succeeded in finding the perfect Tristan!

In other news, VEGAS!!!

Naughty Mafia.

Book bitches.


It’s happening. I’ve ordered swag, got extra paperbacks, bought some sparkly clothes and made an appointment for a tattoo (book-inspired, obviously!). So I’ll see some of you in less than 10!