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Awkward Photos x 1000

So I was visiting a friend from “back home”, the teeny town where I grew up (termed the “snowbank” in my bio; also referred to as “the Yoop” in my household because of its location in the U.P., or Upper Peninsula of Michigan-born and bred Yooper, right here!) and had some photos taken.

I was nervous.


Dreading it really.

And frankly my life was in a bit of an upheaval due to an unrelated family emergency. Regardless, I didn’t want to do the photoshoot. But I did want some professional photos. So I agreed with the promise of hair and makeup and some heavy-handed photoshopping 🙂

The photoshoot lasted three hours and I was wildly contorted into painful positions but the photographers (who are ridiculously hilarious) insisted all the pretzel-twisting would be worth it.

When I was finished I felt like I’d done yoga.

I also walked away with a carpal tunnel flare-up that lasted three days.

But they were right.

The pictures. Seriously amazing. And they swear up and down there wasn’t much photoshopping involved. I’m not sure how much I believe them because the 30-something mom that looks back in the mirror every day still dressed in her pajamas and with baby puke on her shoulder does NOT look like that. But I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I suffered through Cirque du Soleil-worthy contortionist positions and a bout of carpal tunnel, because the pictures are great.

So you want to see the polished me that looks like this approximately twice a year when there’s a wedding I’m forced to attend?

Oh, but before we get there, you should give the photographers page a Like and then book them for your very own glam photoshoot…

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